SmartLab Exchange US 2016

February 23 - 24, 2016

The Hilton Del Mar hotel, San Diego, California

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SmartLab Exchange: Maximizing the opportunities of laboratory informatics to increase your productivity and streamline operations

With businesses under constant pressure to; increase productivity, cut cost, streamline their organisation, and demonstrate regulatory compliance, lab environments are under more scrutiny than ever before. This along with the challenges of outsourcing, big data and an upsurge in M&A, standardisation and integration is all the more difficult.

Key priority for lab informatics professionals is to find the right tools in the market that will help them achieve this complex mix of business objectives in the most cost effective manner, to deliver their business maximum value.  However finding the right tools that are both efficient and reliable is not an easy task.

As such, for organisations that recognise the need to increase productivity, cut costs, streamline their organisation, and maintain regulatory compliance, the SmartLab Exchange provides a platform to benchmark with an exclusive group of senior peers and solution providers capable of helping them define and successfully navigate this new territory.

How is the SmartLab Exchange different to any other event?

“It was the perfect chance to know the latest developments and challenges for laboratories and IT companies.” 
Head Chromatography Lab, Iproma

“Great networking, strong programme and well organized!” 
Director, ACD/Labs

“Focused opportunity to meet with suppliers and users of informatics products, learn what the 'state of the technology' is and how it's being used.”
R&D Lab Manager, Cargill

Media Partners
Media Partners
American Pharmaceutical Review
G.I.T. Laboratory Journal
Pharma IQ
Pistoia Alliance
Technology Networks
Scientific Computing World

  • Standardization and Integration Tool BoxStandardization and Integration Tool Box
    With 80% of lab informatics professionals highlighting laboratory integration as a long-term strategic goal within their organization, we have created an infographic ahead of the SmartLab Exchange to help you achieve this.
    This infographic will provide you with top tips and insights on product development cycles and the implications for a fully integrated data management strategy; benefits of data standardization and the solutions available; how the Chief Data Officer at Covance improved R&D efficiency, how the Director of Information Protection at Sanofi prevents data loss and ensures the security of sensitive information against cyber threats and much more!
  • Understanding Lab Informatics Professionals Top Challenges and Investment Priorities for 2016Understanding Lab Informatics Professionals Top Challenges and Investment Priorities for 2016
    Ahead of the SmartLab Exchange we have conducted an exclusive survey with over 100 senior lab informatics professionals across the world to discover their top challenges and investment priorities for 2016 and beyond. Download the report to find out:

    • The key trends, developments and solutions impacting the industry and the speed of lab transformation across the world for 2016
    • Top projects for lab informatics professionals in 2016
    • The key challenges lab informatics professionals face when investing in new solutions 
    And much more!
  • Lab Informatics LeadersLab Informatics Leaders' Top 15 Investment Priorities
    Ahead of the 2016 SmartLab Exchange, we surveyed our elite group of lab informatics leaders attending the event to understand their biggest lab informatics business challenges and which tools and solutions they plan to invest in over the next 6 - 12 months to to transform their informatics strategies for a more efficient, compliant and productive laboratory.
  • The SmartLab Exchange Post Event ReportThe SmartLab Exchange Post Event Report
    In February, the SmartLab Exchange brought together 70 Heads and Director of R&D, IT, Laboratory Informatics, QA/QC with a group of hand-picked leading analysts and solution providers to find solutions to the industry’s most pressing challenges and shape the right strategy to build a Smart Laboratory.
    This report gives you a snapshot of the SmartLab Exchange audience, their key preoccupations and investment plans over the months following the event.

  • The Periodic Table of Laboratory Information ManagementThe Periodic Table of Laboratory Information Management

    Sanofi, Covance, Merck and Industrial Lab Automation are sharing their views on some of the most debated linchpins of laboratory informatics.

    From Big Data and Knowledge Management to Collaboration and the Cloud, the SmartLab Exchange speakers look at the most pressing issues their organizations are facing sharing their expertise, recommendations and predictions for the future of the lab.

  • Unified Laboratory Intelligence for Impurity Resolution Management

    Ryan Sasaki and Bruce Pharr discuss how to Identify and characterize pharmaceutical impurities in less time with greater certainty in this white paper for ACD/Labs.

  • Lab Efficiency Tops the Poll as a Key Priority for Lab Informatics Professionals.Lab Efficiency Tops the Poll as a Key Priority for Lab Informatics Professionals.

    To better understand where the Lab Informatics market is headed, IQPC Exchange examined the top 3 priorities and challenges facing CIOs and Global/Regional Heads of Laboratory, R&D, QA, QC, IT, Analytics, Data Automation, Informatics, Enterprise Integration and Infrastructure.

  • "Cloud and apps in the future of R&D informatics" with Andrew Porter - Director of Enterprise Architecture at Merck

    Andrew is a seasoned Enterprise Architect and oversees the development of IT capabilities and roll-out of services at Merck.

    In this interview, Andrew gives an overview of the growing role of cloud in laboratory information management touching topics such as data sharing, open collaboration and data security.

    According to Andrew, collaborative analytics is heading towards shifting from behind the firewall to the cloud. Hear his predictions and recommendations for adopting your cloud strategy.

  • "Big Data and Scientific Knowledge Management" with Peter Boogaard - CEO at Industrial Lab Automation

    Peter, also known as the ‘flying Dutchman’, is founder and director of Industrial Lab Automation, consulting for laboratory informatics executive globally.

    He specializes in integration in lab environments, knowledge management and quality by design.

    So what is Big Data really about? In this interview, Peter will share his insight on the question and predictions for the future of scientific knowledge management.

    New technologies, change management and industry examples are part of the mix!

  • "Enabling Multi-Organization Collaboration" - with Dimitris Agrafiotis - Chief Data Officer at Covance

    Dimitris has over 10 years expertise in pharmaceutical R&D and is now Chief Data Officer for the 2nd biggest contract research organization globally.

    In this interview, Dimitris talks about the impact of collaboration in a product development cycle and the implications for data management.

  • "Create and maintain an inspection ready environment" with Stuart Miller - Director of Quality Systems Informatics at Sanofi

    Stuart is responsible for deploying Sanofi's corporate solutions for laboratory information and quality management systems. Creator of the LIMS Mailing List in 1995, Stuart has a wide experience of laboratory informatics (from both user and vendor side) specifically LIMS and ELN, and their capabilities and applications in a changing market.

    In this interview, Stuart shares his thoughts on how organizations can tackle regulatory compliance and validation issues with some insight on Sanofi’s approach to quality.

  • Interview: Bayer Pharma

    Gernot Goeller, Head O&I CoE ED&CMC at Bayer Pharma who played a vital role when his organisation made the transition to a paperless lab shares his advice and discusses the main benefits of developing a paperless lab. Gernot also finishes off by telling us how he thinks the vendor community can help him address his most pressing challenges.

2016 Speakers Include:

 Frank Brown
Frank Brown
AVP & Head, Structural Chemistry
 Giovanni Piazza
Giovanni Piazza
Chief Digital Officer
Johnson & Johnson
 Richard Braatz
Richard Braatz
Professor of Chemical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 Oliver Hesse
Oliver Hesse
Director Lab Automation & Data Mgmt
 Carmen Nitsche
Carmen Nitsche
Executive Director Business Development North America
Pistoia Alliance
 Patrick Walters
Patrick Walters
Principal Research Fellow, Group Head – Computational Sciences
Vertex Pharmaceuticals
 Janet Cheetham
Janet Cheetham
Executive Director
 Dadong Li
Dadong Li
Director, Pharmaceutical Development IT
Bristol Myers Squibb
 Nirmal Keshava
Nirmal Keshava
Sr. Principal Informatics Scientist - Big Data Analytics
 Nickolas Savage
Nickolas Savage
Acting ASAC
Federal Bureau of Investigation
 Michael K. Dunn
Michael K. Dunn
Senior Director, Scientific Information & Intelligence
Ferring Research Institute