Smart Lab Exchange

25 - 26 February, 2014

Leonardo Royal Hotel Munich , Munich, Germany

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Smartlab Exchange - Europe's Premier Laboratory Informatics Event

Companies that are operating in a highly regulated laboratory environment or have heavy R&D requirements are facing tough challenges. Our research shows that the on-going economic recession and an increase in global competition means that whether you are developing new drugs, cosmetics, food, beverages or chemicals, companies are under constant pressure to increase productivity whilst cutting costs.

Through real-life case studies, round-table discussions and practical workshops the 2014 SmartLab Exchange will help you find ways to get your products to market both fast and cost effectively by learning how to do more with less.

Key themes to be discussed include:

  • Analysis of future trends in the evolving lab informatics market
  • Automating your lab to increase efficiency
  • Data integration and smart knowledge sharing
  • Maximising on the opportunities of Big Data in R&D
  • Learning how to become a paperless lab whilst remaining compliant
  • From mobile devices to the cloud - leveraging the digital world for delivering better information sharing
  • Effective strategic data management processes

Join 80 hand selected industry practitioners from the food & beverage, consumer goods, cosmetics, healthcare, chemicals, oil & gas, pharmaceutical and biotech industries at the 9th Annual SmartLab Exchange to discuss these key issues and much more.

2014 Speakers:

 John Wise
John Wise
Executive Director
Pistoia Alliance
 Michael Shanler
Michael Shanler
Research Director
 Rachel Uphill
Rachel Uphill
Enterprise Information Architect
 Gerhard Noelken
Gerhard Noelken
Global Business IT Lead for Scientific Systems
 Hans-Hermann Bartels-Lehnhoff
Hans-Hermann Bartels-Lehnhoff
Head of Research Data Operations
Bayer CropScience AG
 Zede Qayyum
Zede Qayyum
Principal Scientist - Informatics
Procter & Gamble
 Toine Overbeeke
Toine Overbeeke
Head of Quality Control
 Coleen Robinson
Coleen Robinson
Automation Leader
 Marie-Pierre Fialon
Marie-Pierre Fialon
 Andreas Jux
Andreas Jux
Head of Lab Informatics
Roche Diagnostics GmbH

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  • SmartLab Exchange: 2014 Pre-Event ReportSmartLab Exchange: 2014 Pre-Event Report
    Grab a copy of this exclusive pre-event report to give you an overview of who will be in attendance at next year’s Exchange, their top priorities, what will be discussed and much more. This is a must read if you are thinking of joining us and want to know what the SmartLab Exchange is all about.
  • Smartlab Exchange eBook: 2014 Forces & Trends Smartlab Exchange eBook: 2014 Forces & Trends

    This year some key phenomena have been developing in the industry that will impact and transform the way that lab informatics is used for years to come. To address the forces that will impact the laboratory informatics market, the SmartLab Exchange has interviewed a number of leading laboratory informatics experts to explore their thoughts on utilising the Cloud and mobile devices to help improve the efficiency of laboratories.

    Download this eBook and gain access to exclusive interviews, discussion pieces and insight which will allow you to benchmark your own initiatives as you move into the New Year and find out what the hottest laboratory informatics trends will be in 2014!

  • Building a SmartLab and Optimising Efficiency in 2013 eBookBuilding a SmartLab and Optimising Efficiency in 2013 eBook

    What is the key thing you would like to know to help build a smartlab and optimise efficiency in 2013? Big data, paperless processes, digital signatures and the cloud are driving the lab informatics industry to stay up to speed with technology and the informatics market is brimming with solutions to support this, but you still have your challenges.

    Download the 'Building a SmartLab and Optimising Efficiency in 2013' eBook and look at the challenges that are top of the list for your peers. Hear exclusive insights from GSK, McLaren Applied Technologies, Pfizer and the SAFE BioPharma Association to find out how these challenges have been addressed.


  • Building a Smartlab & Optimising Efficiency in 2013Building a Smartlab & Optimising Efficiency in 2013

    Ever wondered how CIOs, Global/Regional Heads of R&D, QA, QC and Principal Scientists choose which solution providers they will be investing in over the next 12 months? We surveyed our international network of data management and lab informatics professionals to find out which solutions they will be investing in, to help them achieve an efficient lab in the most cost-effective manner.


  • Lab Efficiency Tops the Poll as a Key Priority for Lab Informatics Professionals.Lab Efficiency Tops the Poll as a Key Priority for Lab Informatics Professionals.

    To better understand where the Lab Informatics market is headed, IQPC Exchange examined the top 3 priorities and challenges facing CIOs and Global/Regional Heads of Laboratory, R&D, QA, QC, IT, Analytics, Data Automation, Informatics, Enterprise Integration and Infrastructure.

  • How Pharma is Heading for the CloudsHow Pharma is Heading for the Clouds

    In an industry in which research is currency and vast amounts of data hold the key to millions being added to the bottom line, a solution which allows information to be stored and accessed more easily is almost guaranteed to be welcomed.


  • The Convergent Lab: Accelerating Discovery by Enhancing Data and Information IntegrationThe Convergent Lab: Accelerating Discovery by Enhancing Data and Information Integration

    Ralph Haffner, Head of Biologics Research Informatics at Roche, spoke to Andrea Charles from Pharma IQ, about the challenges of achieving seamless integration between ELNs, LIMS and other IM systems and how the industry is addressing these challenges to achieve better integration, interoperability and collaboration. In this interview Haffner also shares his top 3 tips for choosing and validating a workflow system and his insights on what is next for smart labs.

  • Taking Your Vision of Laboratory Integration into RealityTaking Your Vision of Laboratory Integration into Reality

    Most laboratories are moving towards the elimination of paper in the laboratory record keeping process through the deployment of electronic systems, creating a vision of a fully integrated environment in which data, information and knowledge are easily managed, accessible and shared. However, translating this vision into practical solutions brings a number of challenges. In this podcast, John Trigg, Director at phaseFour Informatics, gives some valuable insights on these challenges and how to overcome them.

Join your peers today from across cosmetics, food & beverage, petrolchemical and pharmaceutical industries to name a few at the 9th Annual SmartLab Exchange.

Download the agenda here or email for your copy